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Training Concept
Musik- und Spielmannszug Forchheim - Bogen
Children are sensitive to noises, rhythms and music even before they are born. Later children also react with curiosity and interest to sounds and melodies.

In addition, there is numerous scientific evidence to suggest that the promotion of musical skills also has positive effects on linguistic, social-emotional, motor and cognitive skills. With our training we want to promote the musical skills of our students and show them the fun in making music.
Building on our early musical education the young musicians have the possibility to learn a wind or percussion instrument.
The learned skills are then implemented in sectional rehearsals and in the learners band, which enables a smooth transition to the main orchestra.

Parallel to the practical training, all the theoretical knowledge necessary to be able to play an instrument is imparted. This knowledge can be supplemented voluntarily with the respective achievement badge (D1 - bronze achievement badge, D2 - silver achievement badge, D3 - golden achievement badge). All voluntary exams are financially subsidized by the association.

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